Miron Bottles

Our Tonics and Elixirs find their home in the worlds highest quality glass! 
What is


Though its appears black, miron is actually a synergistic blend of red and blue glass - representing Yin and Yang. Oozing harmony, these stunning glass bottles are pretty spectacular. Miron Glass incorporates the colour healing properties of the violet spectrum.

This is the highest colour in the visible spectrum, governing the central nervous system and pineal gland. It has a calming effect for the mind and nerves and can also trigger creativity. The violet spectrum also supports the immune system and creates a sense of balance.

The violet glass blocks all but the beneficial UVA and infra-red spectra of light. This beneficial light then stimulates bio-logical substances stored within the glass container.
Miron Glass has unique properties that offer optimal protection against the ageing, oxidisation, and degeneration typically caused by exposure to light.

This makes them the ultimate vessel for high quality foods, oils, dry goods and cosmetics - leagues beyond other glass jars for the protection and preservation of natural and organic compounds.

Clearly, not just a vessel! After you've consumed every last drop of your energised Tonics and Elixirs, repurposing these bottles is essential and so beneficial.

Amber & Miron


When considering health tonics of any kind, the vessel is as important as its contents - plastic bottles are never ok, that's a whole other topic.

Glass has been our commitment right from the start, even when strongly advised to stick with the industry standard of plastic for logistical reasons (packing, postage fees, costs).

Previously, our Tonics and Elixirs were bottled in Amber glass, which is great, but not amazing. Miron glass is triple the cost, and twice as heavy - for a reason! It is manufactured in the Netherlands and disturbed by Aussies, not mass manufactured in China as is Amber.

This means our bottles have supreme protective properties, that can both protect and activate our naturally energised ingredients. 

To protect and transport our Tonics & Elixirs, they are swaddled up in biodegradable wrap, cuddled up in in recycled and recyclable boxes, and secured with biodegradable, water activated tape. Every step of the process is considered and thoughtfully executed.


Miron Violet Glass is 100% recyclable!

Miron glass is beautiful to look at and touch, and fully recyclable! There are many ways to repurpose your high-quality bottles.  Once you have slurped up that last drop, give the bottle a wash with earth-friendly soapy hot water to rinse the lipid rich contents out. Then, fill the bottle with hot tap water, let sit for 15seconds, then gently peel the label off with easy - no sticky residue will be left behind.

Some creative ways to re-use your Miron Glass:

1. The best drink bottle in the world! Transferring the violet spectrum healing properties into your water.

2. Ideal storage of cooking oils

3. For the alchemist - store your homemade elixirs, flower essences, and oil blends

3. perfect vase for your garden picked blooms

4. Or get super creative like BusterBang

COMING SOON - Inbound Nature's recycle and reuse program. We are working towards a recycle/return program where we repurpose your bottles into reusable Miron cups, jars and more! Stay tuned for details in the near future. 

The Facts

Evidence shows, compared to other types of glass containers, Miron glass provides superior preservation abilities. Storing any sort of natural product in a Miron glass may be capable of providing:

🔅Preservation of bioactive constituents 
🔅health benefits of the violet spectrum
🔅Protection from air, light, and heat
🔅Increased potency of stored compounds
🔅Protects molecular structures from damage and changes
🔅Manufactured in Europe, distributed by Aussies