About us


The Founders

We are mum and dad to 2 wildlings – Our family is at the centre of our universe. We find our home in the Northern Rivers, hence the honouring of Wollumbin on our bottles. We love the simple things and the beautiful things…  things that make you feel good. Ultimately, we created Inbound Nature so we could share the good things with you and yours.

2021 -2022 has held so many challenges for a lot of people! We've certainly faced some of the most confronting situations that challenged (and still challenging) the deepest parts of us. We are still processing and healing from the March 22' floods, as are so many. After this experience, we have finally found our look and rebranded for the 3rd and final time.

Small Beginnings

The Company

Before our company was given an identity, we were brewing our liposomal Vitamin C in our makeshift mini home lab purely for our own benefit.

And then, like a wildfire, the word began to spread in our community. June 2020 Inbound Nature was born. We took to a certified lab and drew on industry professionals who have imparted their knowledge and experience, encouraging us as a company to grow and be the best we possibly can be. We are so proud that we are Australian made and family owned in a market dominated by corporate giants and international products.

We have since rebranded our labels three times (to the left is our first look, which we giggle about now), grown to a product line of five different Tonics and Elixirs, and sold in shops Australia wide. We only have the community to thank for our exponential growth - a community that supports small local companies, values quality, and supports ethical brands like us.



From day one we have been committed to being of the highest quality, housing our Tonics in the best vessel available to us, and always being kind to the environment. From our tape to our protective wrap, we are biodegradable and recyclable. We are consistently looking for avenues to better our products and processes.

At our foundation is a deep care for each individual who takes our Tonics and Elixirs. We provide our entire collection to those fighting an acute illness at a whopping 50% off.

We are forever thankful for the many beautiful soul's we have met through the exchange of our Tonics and Elixirs. Customers have become family... No one is a stranger to us.