What is Liposomal

What is


Liposomes are naturally occurring and rich with essential phospholipids. They are even believed to be present in our first foods - breast milk.

A liposome is almost identical to our cells in appearance - a tiny phospholipids bubble holding the nutrients in its centre.

All of our liposomal Tonics & Elixirs are made from pure Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin. Sunflower Lecithin is rich in phospholipids - a superfood of its own. The intension is to enrich and encapsulate nutrients in phospholipids so your cells can actually absorb it, rather than it being flushed down the toilet - literally.

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Here is an example. Pill or powder magnesium - down the hatch, into the digestive tract. About 40% is absorbed in the small intestines, 5% in the large intestines, and 55% leaves the body as waste. And Look out, you'll get the runs if you have too much (powder and pill) Vitamin C too! Because it too leaves the body as waste. This is quite the opposite with Liposomal - absorption begins in the mouth!

If you were to take 10,000mg of powder Vitamin C, you'd be running to the toilet! Only about 30% can be absorbed into your cells with the rest expelled by the bowels. If you were to take the same, or double, even triple that in liposomal form, you'll reap the benefits, without the gastric distress...No shit 😉

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Tangible Difference

With Liposomal delivery, you can physically see the changes, and feel the difference. Due to its high absorption, the nutrients are able to do their job properly.

We receive reports from surgeons who are astounded at the speedy wound healing of their patients. Our beautiful customers share that they have never slept so well. We have Dr's recommending our Tonics to their patients. We hear reports of Vitamin D levels finally rising when nothing else has worked. We hear immune compromised people rarely getting sick, and recovering quickly if they do. People notice their skin glowing, a general sense of wellbeing, and a feeling of rejuvenation on a cellular level.

It's amazing what we can feel and see in our own body when a nutrient is delivered right to our cells where it is needed.